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The first 3D Online Property Exhibition

Online Property Shows is the first 3d online property exhibition designed to engage and connect buyers and vendors worldwide in real-time.

Join the Real Estate (R)evolution


A 3D online solution hosting real estate exhibitions

Online Property Shows is designed to bring the real estate exhibitions to the next level. It immerses users into a fully interactive 3D online exhibition center. It allows them, whether they are individuals, professionals, or any key players from the real estate industry, to meet, connect, and do business in real-time and from the comfort of their home.

Why choose Online Property Shows

Find your dream home and simplify the purchase process, connecting directly with real estate agencies and developers, banks, legal advisors, and all professionals of the sector under one virtual roof.

  • Create your account
  • Access your member area to fill the survey with your search criteria
  • Download the APP for smartphone, tablet or desktop (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac)
  • Be ready when the next exhibition starts
  • Create your account
  • Select the exhibition
  • Select a stand size
  • Select a marketing plan
  • Check out and pay
  • Download the APP for smartphone, tablet or desktop (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac)
  • Access your member area and Customise your stand, Upload the info of the properties: images, videos, documents
  • Access tutorials and webinars before the exhibition starts
  • Be ready when the next event starts
  • Create your account
  • Select an event date
  • Select your publishing plan
  • Check out and pay
  • Create your account
  • Select an event date
  • Select the access to the business lounge
  • Check out and pay
  • Be ready for the next event notification

Our Events

Check Online Property Shows following venues and themes. Like traditional fairs, Online Property Shows is active online on specific dates and times. Save time and money and be part of a sustainable project! Save the dates of your interest!

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29/November/2019 - 01/December/2019

Spanish Coast OPS - The latest new built properties on the spanish Coast & the hottest Resale properties on the market

Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol, Costa de la Luz, the spanish islands... find the biggest selection of newly built homes directly from the developer and hot resale properties.Dont miss your dream home under the sun! Speak directly to vendeors and negotiate your property bargain in real time!

Expected Visitors


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The X Factor

The 3D Platform

Experience the Real on OPS Virtual Shows. Be it exhibitors, professionals, FSBO and visitors, Online Property Shows 3D Platform welcomes all its visitors. Learn more about the exhibition platform, how it works, its advantages and features.