The New Real Estate Hot Spot

Connecting buyers and vendors in Real Time.

Online Property Shows offers a unique experience by taking traditional real estate fairs to another level, through a fully interactive 3D exhibition platform BUYERS + VENDORS + IN REAL TIME = MORE OPPORTUNITIES

Why schould I become an Exhibitor?


Reach out to a global audience with just a click

Elevate your Brand Recognition and Corporate Image by going Global. Reach a Global Audience beyond physical or geographical boundaries.


Boost your sales

Increase your qualified leads through the matching system that combines customer search preferences with your offer. Connect with your customers in real-time and close sales. Speed is everything to todays's buyers. Fast reply time is Key to Sales.


Measure your results

Get detailed analysis and reports on the effectiveness of your stand. With an integrated CRM and a personal assistant, keep track of who is interacting with your stand. Access all the information of your potential clients to solve their queries and follow up after the fair.


Save Time and Money

Forget about the expenses of production, accommodation, and transfers. Immerse yourself in the digital world, take advantage of connecting with clients from all over the world in real-time from your office. Maximize your investment.


Connect | Engage | Make An Impact

Chat with buyers via interactive text, audio and video tools inside your stand, during virtual meetings, or 3D workshops and more.

The Perfect Stand

Customize your stand with 3D technology and upload the properties you want to promote. Use it as a virtual office until one month after the fair.

Accept Online Payments

This integrated and secured payment system within the stands allows your potential buyers to put an option on their dream property since during the event.

Generate high volume leads

Benefit from OPS inbound and outbound strong marketing actions to attract a large volume of visitors. Track your customers through an integrated CRM and convert your actions into real sales..


Search and find, contact, professionals from your industry and, with them, offer a complete service to your clients. Our Matching system suggests your your perfect business fit.


No language boundaries

Integrated language translation tool allows users to live text and exchange, even though they don't speak the same language . Speak to potential clients from all over the world.


Customer Satisfaction

Learn what customers think about you, your stand, your performance, and the attention they received. Get the 100 % customer satisfaction to be listed and announced as "Recommended stand by other users" in the Welcome Area.


Social Media Connection

Online Property Shows is a great way to leverage the power of social media to increase awareness of your marketing efforts. You can link your stand with your social media from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or YouTube, and share your experience. Also, you provide your visitors with the opportunity to share your content easily, therefore improving your users' experience.


Be Eco-Friendly

The virtual model ensures the reduction of a company's carbon footprint and eliminates the use of materials that get wasted post-event. Encourage your buyer to utilise new trends and technologies that go hand-in-hand with sustainability.

How does it work


  • Create your account
  • Select the exhibition
  • Select a stand size
  • Select a marketing plan
  • Check out and pay
  • Download the APP for smartphone, tablet or desktop (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac)
  • Access your member area and Customise your stand, Upload the info of the properties: images, videos, documents
  • Access tutorials and webinars before the exhibition starts
  • Be ready when the next exhibition starts. We send you a notification when the exhibition opens it´s doors