The Good Choice For Private vendors

Online Property Shows is an ideal platform...

Online Property Shows is a 3D online platform designed to bring the real estate fairs experience to the next level by immersing users into a fully interactive 3D online exhibition center.

Our difference


Matching System

Online Property Shows empowers the potential buyers to find your property when it matches their search criteria thanks to its relevant filter The Virtual Assistant.


Benefit from Analytics tools

Exhibit your properties and gather information on prospective buyers to resolve their queries during or post-event.


Connect | Engage | Make An Impact

Get connected in real time to potential buyers via interactive text, audio or video chat tools, virtual meetings, 3D workshops and more.


Save money

Unlike assisting a live trade show you might save either on travel, lodging, meals, time, or all of those at the same time! Online Property Shows reduces the costs significantly.


Real-time collaboration and connectivity

Increase your network by accessing directly to potential buyers, and the professionals of real estate . Contact the Promoters and real estate companies in their stands. Within the Private Vendors Lounge you can reach globally or individually to all the potential buyers assisting.

Be Eco-Friendly

The virtual model ensures the reduction of your carbon footprint. You are part of the new trends and technologies that go hand-in-hand with sustainability.

The Cool Factor

It is impossible to undermine the value of social media outreach. You are, therefore, enabled to directly connect with your social media accounts and share your experience.

No geographical boundaries

Integrated language translation tool allows users to Live text even though they don't speak the same language - Be ready to connect with an audience without geographic boundaries

Direct Sale No Commission

You pay to publish your add. Online property Shows do not take commissions.

How does it work

Private Vendor

  • Create your account
  • Select an event date
  • Select your publishing plan
  • Check out and pay