The place-to-be for Professionals in Real Estate

Online Property Shows is a 3D online exhibition centre designed for Professionals to Meet, Connect and exchange with peers and experts from the industry and to find new business oportunities.

The advantages of participating


It´s comfortable, Cost and Time Saving.

Access the exhibition from your mobile device or desktop whenever its good for you. Save time and money.


Improve your business contacts

Get your exclusive access to the Business Lounge. A dedicated 3d environment for professionals, inclusive of tools to increase their networking possibilities. Offer your product and services to a wide professional audience and potential clients. Connect, interact, exchange business cards, send group messages, and much more.


Real-time collaboration and connectivity

With text, audio or video chat, group messages, announcements, Professionals can reach globally or individually the other professionals attending the exhibition. Contact the Developers directly within their stands, or any professionals active in the business lounge. Exchange business cards, share your CV, forward announcements


OPS Matching system

Based on your survey your virtual assistant EVE will suggest business matches. Don't miss out on a good opportunity!. Especially designed for the professionnals interested in networking, it will help you find who you are looking for easily and enable you to meet the right people faster. The Virtual assistant EVE suggests your services and products to potenial clients which can contact you. Let potential clients find you.


Access the information in just a click

Download documents from the promoters' stands or within the business lounge, record your chats, so you can review and compare information when you want. Continue the business experience outside the exhibition.

Social Media Integration

It is impossible to undermine the value of social media outreach. You are, therefore, enabled to directly connect your profile with your social media accounts and share your experience. Let other users find you and connect to you.

Be Eco-Friendly

The virtual model ensures the reduction of your carbon. Be part of the new trends and technologies that go hand-in-hand with sustainability.

No language bounderies

Integrated language translation tool allows users to live text and exchange, even though they don't speak the same language . Speak to potential clients from all over the world free of language barriers.

Improve your brand awareness with our Marketing options

Choose one of our marketing options and offer your Company, Services or Products to all users. Participate and increase your lead generation and brand awareness.

How does it work


  • Create your account
  • Select an event date
  • Select the access to the business lounge
  • Check out and pay
  • Be ready when the next exhibition starts. We send you a notification when the exhibition opens it´s doors