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Online Property Shows offers a unique 3D interactive exhibition experience by taking traditional real estate fairs to another level. Check thousand of properties for sale, speak with developers, agents and find the perfect property for you.
Visit us from the comfort of your home

Join the Real Estate exhibition from the comfort of your mobile device o desktop. Connect whenever is good for you during the opening hours. Its easy and comfortable.

Matching System

Based on your search criteria your virtual assistant will suggest you a list of recommended E-stands worth a visit.

Access the information in just a click

Download the documents from the E-stands, record your chats, so you can review and compare information when you want. Don´t worry if you go "offline". We will notify you of anything important happening.


You Tailor your experience

Check out more then 3000 properties. Follow the virtual assistant's suggestions, or randomly navigate through the exhibition hall. Enter the stands of your interest and connect directly with their representatives.


Real-time communication beyond language boundaries

Connect directly and in real-time with the developers, real estate agencies, and all the professionals of the sector attending the event, using text, audio, or video chat. You dont speak spanish? Not a problem at all. Make use of the integrated translator in the chat choosing the language you need.


Reserving a Property

You can put an option on a property if you wish thanks to the secured payment system integrated in the stand.


Find All Kind Of Services

Contact with legal or financial adivisors attending the event to see into legal aspects or different mortgage options. Maybe you need a refurbishing company for the property you have in mind and need a quote? Whatever service you may need, just search for it and contact the professionals.


Be Eco-Friendly

The virtual model ensures the reduction of carbon footprint and eliminates the use of materials that get wasted. Use new trends and technologies that go hand-in-hand with sustainability.


Be a winner - To participate is to win

Online Property Shows rewards its users. Accumulate points while visiting the stands and interacting with professionals. Check the immediate progress of your actions. After each event find out who won the prize at Online Property Shows website. Winners are being notified.

1st Price - Oculus Rift and touch controlers

2nd Price - Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 full HDI 4 g

3rd Price - Amazon gift voucher

How does it work


  • Create your account
  • Access your member area to fill the survey with your search criteria
  • Download the APP for smartphone, tablet or desktop (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac) and choose your avatar
  • Be ready when the next exhibition starts. We send you a notification when the exhibition opens it´s doors